To help attain your goal weight, here are ten certain rules to work with.

  1. Drink at least one glass of water  before going out.this will help fill you up, meaning you will eat less.
  2. If its a restaurant or food outlet that you know then you know then you ask for their menu ,you then plan your meal ahead, it saves you from making poor choices
  3. order a vegetarian or if its a buffet pick vegetables
  4. Avoid sugary drinks
  5. eat at least thirty grams of fiber per day from gains,ffrjuits and vegetables
  6. Avoid foods with higher cholesterol  to reduce the risk of heart diseases.
  7. Take at least three servings of calcium vitamin D rich foods everyday
  8. If you are with other people order first so your meal choice wont be influenced by others
  9. Choose tomato sauce or mustared on your food rather than mayonaisse or creams
  10. Go for a walk after eating to burn some calories.

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