Three cups(750g) of rice or parboiled                                                                                                two or three cups of tomatoe stew                                                                                                      meat(beef of chicken)                                                                                                                            pepper and salt                                                                                                                                        three  knorr cubes                                                                                                                                  two teaspoon of curry powder                                                                                                            two teaspoon of thyme


  1. Prepare the tomato stew (cut tomato in medium slices and blend with sliced onions and pepper.then fry with oil  for aboyut ten minutes until tomato loses its sour taste  and the oil begins to rise up). then keep aside.
  2. get an empty pot, add meat or chicken stock to the pot and boil with curry ,thyme and stock cubes ,salt to taste and other seasoning you like .boil for about five minutes. 1513518095886
  3. next, add rice and mix thoroughly, the liquid in pot should be at the same level as the meat
  4. cover the pot and leave rice to cook on medium heat, to avoid burnt and undone rice.
  5. when the liquid in the rice is almost dried ,add the ground crayfish and the n add the stew at the top, and mix  thoroughly and cover pot. then wait for a few minutes.  FOOD IS READY TO BE SERVED.

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