High blood pressure also called (Hbv), hypertension is a condition in which the force of the blood against the artery walls is too high. It has no syntoms, if untreated overtime could lead to serious chealth conditions such as heart diseases and stroke.


  • BE SALT SMART AND INCREASE INTAKE OF POTASSIUM- reducing salt intake and increasing your potassium can lower your blood pressure. potassium lessens the effect of salt in your body system and also eases tension in your blood system.
  • LOSE WEIGHT IF YOU’RE OVER WEIGHT- if you’re overweight, looseing weight can be a smart choice to reduce high blood might actually lower the risk of other medical problems.
  • REDUCE INTAKE ON SUGAR AND REFINED CARBONHYDRATE- Scientific studies shows thta decreasing intake of sugar and refined carbonhydrates can help you lose weight and lower high blood pressure. a study in 2010 compared low carb diet to low fat diet ,the low fat included a diet drug .both diets produced weight loss, but the low carb diet did much better in reduciung blood pressure. the low carb dietv reduced high blood pressure by 4.5 – 5.9 mmhg.,while the diet of low fat plus the diet drug reduced  blood pressure by only 0.4 – 1.65mmhg.
  • REDUCE INTAKE OF PROCESSED FOOD- processed foods contain most of the extra salt in our diet . most populare high salt items includ canned soup, pizza,chips and other snacks. when you cut down the intake of processed food , it will give you less salt,and  less sugar. all of this results in lower blood pressure.
  • STOP SMOKING- smoking causes instant temporary increase in your blood pressure and an increase in your heart rate.stopping smoking is better for your health.Opera
  • STAY HEALTHY, REDUCE STRESS- learn to stay away from activities that contribute stress. these activities include work, family demands, politics. finding ways to reduce stress is valuable to your health and blood pressure.there are several ways ton relieve stress which include , listening to music , watching a comedy, taking a walk. these are helpful ways people cuccessfully relieve stress.
  • HERBAL MEDICINES- thre are several herbal medicines that have long  been used in many cultures to treat variety of ailments .here’s a list of herbs whose effects in lowering blood pressure have been studied by human beings. black bean(castanosperum australe), cata claw(uncaria rhynchophylla), celery juice(aplum graveolens), chinese hawthorn(crateagus pinnatifida), coffee weed( cassia occidentalis), river lily (crinium glaucum), sesame oil(sesame indicuum), tomato extract (lycopersicon esculentum), umbrella tree bark(musanga cecropiodes).

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